BMS has incorporated a number of sustainability initiatives in our buildings and programs and will continue to expand and develop environmental best practices in our operations across the country. We believe sustainability is not only good corporate citizenry, but also good business.


BMS is committed to a sustainability-minded culture in every division and at every level. Our own client sites will be managed according to sustainability best practices, with a focus on the following efforts:

  • Employee training and education
  • Implementation of BMS/Green Clean
  • Energy conservation
  • Indoor air quality
  • Resource conservation
  • Responsible procurement
  • Transportation
  • Waste reduction
  • Water conservation


BMS will strive to be a sustainability innovator. We will test promising sustainable technologies in real-life circumstances in our portfolio to identify and implement the most effective products and services. Further, we will maximize our environmental impact by leveraging our ability to control approximately 100 million square feet of real estate. We will seek opportunities to effect change on a portfolio-wide basis and take advantage of our financial and operational strength to pursue creative solutions.

Download a PDF with more information on BMS and Sustainable Green Cleaning. (1.1MB)

Download a PDF of the Day Cleaning White Paper. (205KB)

BMS is a fully integrated facility service company, that strives to create a corporate culture in which the principles of environmental responsibility and sustainable growth are embedded in our everyday business practices.

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